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  • etlua by leafo — downloads: 663k
    Embedded templates for Lua
  • lua_to_html by UmFigurante — downloads: 68
    A lua package that turns tables into HTML code with simplicity.
  • template by dannote — downloads: 729
    The simplest Lua template engine in just a few lines of code
  • lua-CodeGen by fperrad — downloads: 3,036
    a template engine
  • lua-resty-aries by doublespout — downloads: 121
    Templating Engine (HTML) for Lua and OpenResty
  • LuaHTML by luarocks — downloads: 427
    LuaHTML is a template engine that allows the use of Lua code in your HTML websites.
  • Mixlua by luarocks — downloads: 223
    A preprocessor for files including embedded Lua code
  • Lust by luarocks — downloads: 4,350
    Lua String Templates
  • molde by gilzoide — downloads: 627
    Zero dependency, single file template engine for Lua 5.1+ with builtin sandbox support
  • tgen by alsankost — downloads: 47
    A library for generating code from templates for Lua
  • wax by arkt8 — downloads: 208
    Multipurpose set of modules to extend the Lua standard library
  • Cosmo by mascarenhas — downloads: 28.7k
    Safe templates for Lua
  • aspect by unifire — downloads: 2,446
    Aspect is a powerful Twig/Jinja template engine for Lua / LuaJIT (including OpenResty).
  • lustache by olivine-labs — downloads: 205k
    {{Mustache}} rendering for Lua