Lua utility libraries loosely based on the Python standard libraries

$ luarocks install penlight

Penlight is a set of pure Lua libraries for making it easier to work with common tasks like iterating over directories, reading configuration files and the like. Provides functional operations on tables and sequences.


scm-2dev2 years ago112 downloads
scm-1dev2 years ago458 downloads
1.13.1-127 days ago31,122 downloads
1.13.0-127 days ago260 downloads
1.12.0-2153 days ago176,511 downloads
1.12.0-1220 days ago78,603 downloads
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1.11.0-11 year ago153,376 downloads
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1.10.0-11 year ago93,091 downloads
1.9.2-2153 days ago1,766 downloads
1.9.2-11 year ago347,561 downloads
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1.9.1-11 year ago995 downloads
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1.8.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)34,918 downloads
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1.7.0-12 years ago295,599 downloads
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1.6.0-12 years ago1,067 downloads
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1.5.3-12 years ago(revision: 2)741 downloads
1.5.2-12 years ago(revision: 2)27,910 downloads
1.5.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)1,647 downloads
1.5.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)241 downloads
1.4.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)78,229 downloads
1.4.0-12 years ago(revision: 2)1,431 downloads
1.3.2-22 years ago(revision: 2)320,058 downloads
1.3.1-12 years ago10,760 downloads
1.2.1-12 years ago(revision: 2)320 downloads
1.1.0-32 years ago690 downloads
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AC-LuaServer, amber-apigw, APIcast, APIOAK, aspect, busted, busted, busted, Cassowary, ccrunx-compose, cldr, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, commonmark, cwtest, dd-lua-tester, ddt, dns, docroc, dogmac, dogma-core, eaw-abstraction-layer, fluent, Formatter, FormatterFiveOne, fss, gin, glyphify, kong, kong, kong-oidc-google-groups, kRPC, ldoc, ldoc, ldoc, libssh, luacov-html, luadist2, LuaDocumentor, luagq, luahue, luaish-windows, luaish-windows, luakuroshiro, LuaLoL, luamon, lua-resty-aws, lua-resty-dns-client, lua-resty-gaze, lua-resty-healthcheck, lua-resty-uh, LuaTwit, mocka, moonrocks, multipart, nested-cli, nokia-fork-lua-resty-dns-client, npssdk, orange, pokitdok, rockexp, rockspec2cmake, tlua, trepl-torchless, twrl, wowcig