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std.strict by gvvaughan — downloads: 313
Check for use of undeclared variables
debug.lua by Gunnar_z — downloads: 90
A terminal based standalone frontend for mobdebug.
lutrace by hisham — downloads: 114
A tiny module for tracing functions executed by a Lua script.
DataDumper by luarocks — downloads: 698
Converts a Lua value into its expression as a string.
StackTracePlus by ignacio — downloads: 435
StackTracePlus provides enhanced stack traces for Lua
inspect by kikito — downloads: 323,892
Lua table visualizer, ideal for debugging
luadbg by pratikac — downloads: 70
Lua Debugger
vinspect by mpeterv — downloads: 57
Interactive Lua value visualizer.
PegDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 63
PegDebug is a trace debugger for LPeg rules and captures.
MobDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 7,576
MobDebug is a remote debugger for the Lua programming language
safer by hisham — downloads: 114
Paranoid Lua programming
LRDB by satoren — downloads: 42
Remote Debugger for Lua