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  • vinspect by mpeterv — downloads: 268
    Interactive Lua value visualizer.
  • tstrict by cehteh — downloads: 243
    Yet Another Implementation For Lua Strict Tables
  • lua-value-browser by fjg — downloads: 95
    Interactively print and browse Lua values from the standalone interpreter.
  • luadbg by pratikac — downloads: 179
    Lua Debugger
  • PegDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 2,772
    PegDebug is a trace debugger for LPeg rules and captures.
  • MobDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 35.1k
    MobDebug is a remote debugger for the Lua programming language
  • StackTracePlus by ignacio — downloads: 2,170
    StackTracePlus provides enhanced stack traces for Lua
  • lfunctimer by utmhikari — downloads: 73
    A function execution timer profiling lib for lua
  • safer by hisham — downloads: 748
    Paranoid Lua programming
  • my luarocks demo package
  • magic-apigw by aimpsmile — downloads: 63
    Apache APISIX(incubating) is a cloud-native microservices API gateway, delivering the ultimate performance, security, open source and scalable platform for all your APIs and microservices.
  • std.strict by gvvaughan — downloads: 4,447
    Check for use of undeclared variables
  • debug.lua by Gunnar_z — downloads: 928
    A terminal based standalone frontend for mobdebug.
  • lua-mtrace by Zash — downloads: 142
    Verbose memory allocator
  • LRDB by satoren — downloads: 1,014
    Remote Debugger for Lua
  • lua-resty-vardump by lindowx — downloads: 299
    A debug tool for the Openresty/ngx_lua
  • lutrace by hisham — downloads: 400
    A tiny module for tracing functions executed by a Lua script.
  • DataDumper by luarocks — downloads: 4,090
    Converts a Lua value into its expression as a string.
  • inspect by kikito — downloads: 2m
    Lua table visualizer, ideal for debugging