MobDebug is a remote debugger for the Lua programming language

$ luarocks install mobdebug

MobDebug allows you control the execution of another Lua program remotely,
set breakpoints, and inspect the current state of the program.

MobDebug is based on [RemDebug]( and
extends it in several ways:

* fixed several existing bugs;
* removed dependency on LuaFileSystem;
* added new commands: LOAD, RELOAD, OUT, STACK;
* added support for debugging wxwidgets applications;
* added ability to pause and abort running applications;
* added pretty printing and handling of multiple results in EXEC;
* added stack and local/upvalue value reporting (STACK);
* added on/off commands to turn debugging on and off (to improve performance);
* added support for coroutine debugging (see examples/README for details);
* added support for [Moai]( debugging;
* added support for Lua 5.2;
* added support for LuaJIT debugging;
* added support for cross-platform debugging (with client and server running on different platforms/filesystems);
* tested integration with [ZeroBrane Studio IDE](


0.70-1163 days ago579 downloads
0.64-11 year ago11,345 downloads
0.63-12 years ago6,935 downloads
0.55-12 years ago464 downloads
0.51-12 years ago55 downloads
0.50-12 years ago38 downloads
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0.48-12 years ago39 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.4
LuaSocket >= 2.0

Dependency for

debug.lua, loveheaders