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PegDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 119
PegDebug is a trace debugger for LPeg rules and captures.
euluna by edubart — downloads: 6
The Euluna Programming Language.
sh-parser by jirutka — downloads: 23
Parser of POSIX Shell Command Language
LTCN by craigb — downloads: 14
Lua Table Constructor Notation
LPeg by gvvaughan — downloads: 965,238
Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua
pegex by jugglerchris — downloads: 142
Regular expression/regexp implementation using LPeg.
lpeg_patterns by daurnimator — downloads: 12,149
a collection of LPEG patterns
moonscript by leafo — downloads: 190,041
A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua
lua-CodeGen-LPeg by fperrad — downloads: 248
a template engine
LPegLabel by Sergio Medeiros — downloads: 4,519
Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua with Labeled Failures