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30log by Yonaba — downloads: 2,485
30 lines library for object orientation
Sunclass by qwook — downloads: 108
Simple class support for Lua.
talents by marcoonroad — downloads: 30
Pluggable contextual talents implementation for Lua.
object-model by ShiraNai7 — downloads: 81
Simple object model implementation in Lua
Singleton mixin for middleclass.
prototype by siffiejoe — downloads: 108
A small library for prototype based OO programming.
families by marcoonroad — downloads: 4
Concatenation-based prototypes implementation for Lua.
objectlua by luarocks — downloads: 86
A class-oriented OOP module for Lua
luaobject by cooperong — downloads: 76
A lua package for object-oriented programming
oops by blacktaxi — downloads: 398
OOP with concise syntax and local classes.
middleclass by kikito — downloads: 8,785
A simple OOP library for Lua
lua-Coat by fperrad — downloads: 3,957
Yet Another Lua Object-Oriented Model
classy by siffiejoe — downloads: 2,293
A small library for class-based OO.
LOOP by luarocks — downloads: 7,321
Class Models for The Lua Language