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org.conman.errno by spc476 — downloads: 75
C and POSIX system error codes.
sh-parser by jirutka — downloads: 19
Parser of POSIX Shell Command Language
dromozoa-unix by moyu — downloads: 1,516
Lua bindings for UNIX system interface
servicekit-posix by luarocks — downloads: 66
Long-lived daemons and/or services for Lua
subprocess by hisham — downloads: 224
A port of the Python subprocess module to Lua
lposix by luarocks — downloads: 377
A POSIX library for Lua.
lunix by daurnimator — downloads: 130
Lua Unix Module.
lua-shepi by forflo — downloads: 49
Tiny EDSL for shell pipes in lua
environ by moteus — downloads: 11,714
Manipulate with environment variables
luaposix by gvvaughan — downloads: 74,440
Lua bindings for POSIX APIs