OS Independent, ultimate solution to path handling in neovim.

$ luarocks install pathlib.nvim

This plugin aims to decrease the difficulties of path management across mutliple OSs in neovim.
The plugin API is heavily inspired by Python's `pathlib.Path` with tweaks to fit neovim usage.
It is mainly used in neo-tree.nvim but it is so simple that you can use it in your own configs!


2.2.2-179 days ago7,392 downloads
2.2.1-179 days ago1 download
2.2.0-1105 days ago3,008 downloads
2.1.1-1105 days ago21 downloads
2.1.0-1108 days ago176 downloads
2.0.1-1108 days ago42 downloads
2.0.0-1110 days ago23 downloads
1.1.1-1110 days ago5 downloads
1.1.0-1110 days ago1 download
1.0.2-1115 days ago153 downloads
1.0.1-1115 days ago1 download
1.0.0-1117 days ago12 downloads
0.6.5-1120 days ago1 download
0.6.4-1121 days ago1 download
0.6.3-1143 days ago10 downloads
0.6.2-1143 days ago8 downloads
0.6.1-1144 days ago9 downloads
0.6.0-1146 days ago11 downloads
0.5.4-1147 days ago9 downloads
0.5.3-1147 days ago9 downloads
0.5.2-1147 days ago9 downloads
0.5.1-1149 days ago9 downloads
0.5.0-1149 days ago9 downloads
0.4.2-1151 days ago9 downloads
0.4.1-1163 days ago11 downloads
0.4.0-1166 days ago9 downloads
0.3.2-1170 days ago9 downloads
0.3.1-1170 days ago9 downloads
0.2.0-1241 days ago14 downloads
0.1.7-1242 days ago9 downloads
0.1.6-1242 days ago9 downloads
0.1.1-1242 days ago9 downloads


lua >= 5.1
nvim-nio >= 1.8.0

Dependency for

neorg, papis.nvim