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  • torch-nn-ext by ano — downloads: 29
    some extention to torch and nn package
  • Simple RNN by ano — downloads: 26
    A fast, simple rnn library that based on torch and fit torch standard used for neural machine translation and the other task, This package may include LSTM, GRU, FastLSTM, RHN, LSTMP, etc.
  • passer by williford — downloads: 138
    Converts GPU torch models to CPU equivalent versions
  • rnnlib by justinchiu — downloads: 131
  • csv2tensor by willkurt — downloads: 195
    Load CSV files into Torch7 Tensors
  • torch-word-emb by wlzhuang — downloads: 220
    load word2vec or glove word vectors to torch.Tensor
  • rl by vpong — downloads: 197
    A package for basic reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • util by cipher — downloads: 1,591
    Random utilities for Lua and Torch.
  • npy4th by htwaijry — downloads: 298
    A Numpy format loader for Torch
  • nnsparse by fstrub95 — downloads: 183
    Tools for sparse networks with the Torch Framework