Multithreading support for Lua

$ luarocks install lanes

Lua Lanes is a portable, message passing multithreading library
providing the possibility to run multiple Lua states in parallel.


scm-1dev3 years ago13 downloads
3.10.1-11 year ago56,255 downloads
3.10.0-13 years ago1,789 downloads
3.9.4-13 years ago1,069 downloads
3.8.3-13 years ago48 downloads
3.7.7-13 years ago97 downloads
3.7.0-13 years ago96 downloads
3.6.6-13 years ago42 downloads
3.6.3-13 years ago48 downloads
3.5.1-13 years ago43 downloads
3.4.1-13 years ago34 downloads
3.4.0-13 years ago30 downloads
3.1.6-23 years ago40 downloads
3.1.6-13 years ago42 downloads
3.1.0-13 years ago26 downloads
3.0.0-13 years ago34 downloads
2.1-13 years ago77 downloads
2.0.3-23 years ago39 downloads
2.0.3-13 years ago53 downloads
2.0-23 years ago104 downloads
2.0-13 years ago31 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

ActiveLua-LearningTool, Copas-Async, litcord, luastream, LuaTwit