A unit testing framework for Lua

$ luarocks install luaunit

LuaUnit is a popular unit-testing framework for Lua, with an interface typical of xUnit libraries (Python unittest, Junit, NUnit, ...). It supports several output formats (Text, TAP, JUnit, ...) to be used directly or work with Continuous Integration platforms
(Jenkins, Hudson, ...).

For simplicity, LuaUnit is contained into a single-file and has no external dependency. To start using it, just add the file *luaunit.lua* to your project of install the rock (you need at least LuaRocks version 2.4.4 (due to old versions of wget being incompatible with GitHub https downloading)

Tutorial and reference documentation is available on

LuaUnit may also be used as an assertion library, to validate assertions inside a running program. In addition, it provides a pretty stringifier which converts any type into a nicely formatted string (including complex nested or recursive tables).

For more information about LuaUnit, visit the website .


3.4-1318 days ago24,739 downloads
3.3-13 years ago152,474 downloads
3.2.1-15 years ago249,998 downloads
2.1-15 years ago1,747 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

du-mocks, luajls, NodeMCULuaMocks, wLuaUnit