Log API requests and responses with Lua

$ luarocks install resurfaceio-logger

The API Usage Logger module provides a way to log HTTP transactions.
It can log both detailed requests and responses, in order to submit them to a local
instance of Resurface, your very own API system of record.

It features a programming interface to create Logger instances, and to send standard
or custom request/response tables to the HTTP endpoint where your own Resurface
database is running. Loggers always have an active set of rules that control what
data is logged and how sensitive data is masked. Logging rules are easily customized
to meet the needs of any application. More info:

Resurface can help with failure triage and root cause, threat and risk identification,
and simply just knowing how your APIs are being used. It identifies what's important
in your API data, and can send warnings and alerts in real-time for fast action.


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