Normalized Lua Functions

$ luarocks install std.normalize

This module can inject deterministic versions of core Lua
functions that do not behave identically across all supported Lua
implementations into your module's lexical environment. Each
function is as thin and fast a version as is possible in each Lua
implementation, evaluating to the Lua C implementation with no
overhead when semantics allow.


2.0.3-1159 days ago27,598 downloads
2.0.2-12 years ago50,326 downloads
2.0.1-12 years ago5,040 downloads
2.0-12 years ago35 downloads
1.0.4-13 years ago35 downloads
1.0.3-13 years ago50 downloads
1.0.2-13 years ago87 downloads
1.0.1-24 years ago59 downloads
1.0.1-14 years ago26 downloads
1.0-14 years ago48 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.5

Dependency for

luaposix, lyaml, optparse, typecheck