Healthchecks for OpenResty to check upstream service status

$ luarocks install lua-resty-healthcheck

lua-resty-healthcheck is a module that can check upstream service
availability by sending requests and validating responses at timed


1.2.0-13 days ago22 downloads
1.1.2-158 days ago6,957 downloads
1.1.1-187 days ago3,759 downloads
1.1.0-1138 days ago6,137 downloads
1.0.0-1220 days ago20,856 downloads
0.6.2-1282 days ago19,944 downloads
0.6.1-1318 days ago8,303 downloads
0.6.0-11 year ago30,090 downloads
0.5.0-11 year ago9,692 downloads
0.4.2-11 year ago6,326 downloads
0.4.1-11 year ago(revision: 2)2,931 downloads
0.4.0-21 year ago13,301 downloads
0.4.0-11 year ago1,259 downloads
0.3.0-12 years ago18,603 downloads
0.2.0-12 years ago211 downloads
0.1.0-12 years ago236 downloads


Dependency for

cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, kong