Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua.

$ luarocks install lua-resty-http

Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua.

* HTTP 1.0 and 1.1
* Streaming interface to the response body, for predictable memory usage
* Alternative simple interface for singleshot requests without manual connection step
* Chunked and non-chunked transfer encodings
* Keepalive
* Pipelining
* Trailers


0.12-0359 days ago676,166 downloads
0.11-01 year ago41,980 downloads
0.10-02 years ago54,763 downloads
0.09-02 years ago45,818 downloads
0.08-02 years ago46,357 downloads
0.07-02 years ago27,268 downloads
0.06-03 years ago58,970 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

APIcast, auth0-nginx, authy-lua, centrilua, claims-handler, fork3-sc-lua-resty-auto-ssl, gxid-bearer, gxs-auth, kong, kong-plugin-mithril, kong-plugin-template-transformer, kong-plugin-zipkin, ledge, lua-api-gateway-aws, lua-payssion, lua-resty-auto-ssl, lua-resty-auto-ssl-DE, lua-resty-auto-ssl-instrumented, lua-resty-auto-ssl-multiname, lua-resty-aws-email, lua-resty-aws-sdk, lua-resty-consul, lua-resty-consul-event, lua-resty-couchdb, lua-resty-duo-mobile, lua-resty-influx, lua-resty-openidc, lua-resty-paypal, lua-resty-rollbar, lua-resty-sse, lua-resty-upstream, lua-resty-upstream-worker, middleware, mooncrafts, multistreamer, ngx-oauth, ngx-oauth-jyrno42, perimeterx-nginx-plugin, rollbar-nginx, stormpath-nginx, token-handler, Videur, web, wtf-plugin-honeybot-sandbox, x-lua-api-gateway-aws