Lua Date and Time module for Lua 5.1

$ luarocks install date

Date and Time string parsing; Time addition and subtraction;
Time span calculation; Supports ISO 8601 Dates.


2.1.2-14 years ago(revision: 2)303,076 downloads
2.1.1-16 years ago10,437 downloads
2.1.0-26 years ago37 downloads
2.1.0-16 years ago38 downloads
2.0.1-16 years ago36 downloads
1.0-16 years ago143 downloads


lua >= 5.0, < 5.4

Dependency for

aspect, cloud_storage, cloud_storage, Escher, golflike, hprose, kong-lapis, kong-plugin-escher, kong-plugin-wsse, lapis, lapis-exceptions, Lettersmith, lluv-gsmmodem, lua-log, lua-log, lua-mastodon, luaxpl, luaxpl, paseto, s3, s3-cjson2, sitegen, Videur