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  • luazen by philanc — downloads: 11.2k
    Simple compression, encoding and cryptographic functions.
  • basexx by luarocks — downloads: 566
    A base2, base32 and base64 library for Lua
  • lbase64 by moteus — downloads: 212
    A Base64 library for Lua
  • base2base by catwell — downloads: 654
    A base-to-base converter
  • lbase64 by luarocks — downloads: 3,348
    A Base64 library for Lua
  • by _asm — downloads: 145
    base64 encoding and decoding functions for Mjolnir
  • based by DarkWiiPlayer — downloads: 161
    Collection of string encoders and decoders
  • base58 by leafo — downloads: 1,077
    Base58 encoding and decoding for Lua
  • lbase64 by ignacio — downloads: 738k
    A Base64 library for Lua
  • basexx by aiq — downloads: 924k
    A Lua library which provides base2(bitfield), base16(hex), base32(crockford/rfc), base64(rfc/url), base85(z85) decoding and encoding.