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jwt by olivine-labs — downloads: 7,808
A library for encoding and decoding json web tokens. by _asm — downloads: 54
Json encoding and decoding functions for Mjolnir
lua-yajl by brimworks — downloads: 314
Integrate the yajl JSON library with Lua.
jmespath by mtdowling — downloads: 161
Declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document, in Lua
gimlet-render by losinggeneration — downloads: 71
A renderer for HTML templates and JSON for Gimlet Cocktail
lua-jwc by Zash — downloads: 375
JSON Web Crypto
lua_json by mbalmer — downloads: 244
A Lua module for JSON
LTCN by craigb — downloads: 14
Lua Table Constructor Notation
dromozoa-json by moyu — downloads: 212
JSON encoder and decoder
dkjson by dhkolf — downloads: 764,611
David Kolf's JSON module for Lua
rapidjson by xpol — downloads: 9,976
Very fast json module based on RapidJSON.
lua-resty-jsonrpc-batch by mosasiru — downloads: 124
The Lua-Openresty implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0 Batch Request.
json-lua by jiyinyiyong — downloads: 14,300
JSON encoder/decoder
lunajson by grafi — downloads: 21,770
A strict and fast JSON parser/decoder/encoder written in pure Lua
luajson by harningt — downloads: 62,669
customizable JSON decoder/encoder
lua-resty-prettycjson by bungle — downloads: 3,324
JSON Pretty Formatter for Lua cJSON
luajwt by x25 — downloads: 198,120
JSON Web Tokens for Lua
lua-resty-libcjson by bungle — downloads: 5,544
LuaJIT FFI-based cJSON library (tested with OpenResty too).
lua-cjson-ol by olivine-labs — downloads: 6,692
A fast JSON encoding/parsing module
JSONRPC4Lua by al3x — downloads: 352
JSONRPC4Lua implement JSON-RPC-over-http client and server-side for Lua.
JSON4Lua by luarocks — downloads: 4,937
JSON4Lua and JSONRPC4Lua implement JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoding and decoding and a JSON-RPC-over-http client for Lua.