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lua-resty-hoedown by bungle — downloads: 922
LuaJIT FFI bindings to Hoedown, a standards compliant, fast, secure markdown processing library in C
discount by craigb — downloads: 452
Lua bindings for the Discount Markdown library
lua-discount by luarocks — downloads: 12,004
Binding to a fast C implementation of the Markdown text-to-html markup system
Luapress by Fizzadar — downloads: 592
Luapress builds static blogs from markdown files
Sailor-md by Etiene — downloads: 100
An extention to Sailor that allows to read markdown
Markdown by mpeterv — downloads: 20,498
Markdown text-to-html markup system.
cmark by jgm — downloads: 335
Lua wrapper for libcmark, CommonMark Markdown parsing and rendering library
lcmark by jgm — downloads: 163
A command-line CommonMark converter with flexible features, and a lua module that exposes these features.
lunamark by jgm — downloads: 182
General markup format converter using lpeg.
lua-markdown-extra by soapdog — downloads: 44
A rock that is able to process markdown files with metadata
lualit by gordonb — downloads: 9
Literate programming for Lua - run code in markdown docs