General markup format converter using lpeg.

$ luarocks install lunamark

Lunamark is a lua library and command-line program for conversion of
markdown to other textual formats. Currently HTML, Docbook, ConTeXt,
LaTeX, dzslides, and Groff man are the supported output formats,
but it is easy to add new writers or modify existing ones.
The markdown parser is written using a PEG grammar and can also
be modified by the user.


0.5.0-12 years ago334 downloads
0.4.0-12 years ago89 downloads
0.3-12 years ago163 downloads
0.2-22 years ago29 downloads
0.2-12 years ago31 downloads


alt-getopt >= 0.7
Cosmo >= 10.0
LPeg >= 0.10
lua >= 5.1
luautf8 >= 0.1.1