Static [web] site generator (ssg) made with Lua script.

$ luarocks install satelito

Satelito is a static site generator (SSG) made with Lua.

Satelito uses Markdown (and HTML) for basic content and optionally Lua files for metadata. There is no front matter support; but Lua tables are used for storing functions that can extend the functionality of your site.

For templates, Satelito uses the Etlua templating language. It is simple but powerful, because it allows you to run Lua scripts directly in templates.

Through the use of Satelito you become familiar with Lua, a fast lightweight programming language that has a small learning curve.

See the project wiki for further details <>.


1.0-163 days ago(revision: 2)23 downloads
dev-5dev1 year ago(revision: 5)8 downloads
dev-4dev1 year ago(revision: 6)17 downloads
dev-3dev1 year ago2 downloads
dev-2dev2 years ago5 downloads
dev-1dev2 years ago(revision: 7)12 downloads
beta-366 days ago(revision: 4)18 downloads
beta-2171 days ago(revision: 2)16 downloads
beta-1341 days ago(revision: 2)18 downloads


argparse >= 0.7.1-1
etlua >= 0.6.0
inspect >= 3.1.1
lua >= 5.3
lua-discount >=
LuaFileSystem >= 1.8.0-1
mimetypes >= 1.0.0-2