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lqd by luarocks — downloads: 119
a high-precision mathematical library
NumLua by luarocks — downloads: 894
Numerical routines for Lua
digitalfilter by peterbillam — downloads: 181
some Digital Filters - Butterworth, Chebyschev and Bessel.
ldecNumber by dougcurrie — downloads: 128
Lua decNumber, a Lua 5.1 wrapper for IBM decNumber
lcomplex by luarocks — downloads: 220
Support for complex numbers in Lua
linterval by luarocks — downloads: 98
an interval arithmetic library
lmapm by luarocks — downloads: 467
A complete arbitrary precision library
Math-WalshTransform by peterbillam — downloads: 140
Fast Hadamard and Walsh Transforms
bigint by jorj — downloads: 367
Arbitrarily large integer library for Lua 5.1+
StringDistance by tomasguisasola — downloads: 184
Damerau-Leveinshtein Distance
LGSL by ladc — downloads: 193
A numerical library for Lua based on GSL
Math-RungeKutta by peterbillam — downloads: 166
Runge-Kutta methods for integrating systems of differential equations
forma by nhartland — downloads: 53
Cellular automata and geometry in Lua.
lbc by luarocks — downloads: 4,251
A simple arbitrary precision library
Math-Evol by peterbillam — downloads: 202
Evolution search optimization
lcrypt by leite — downloads: 925
Lua bindings to libtomcrypt and libtommath
lmathx by ignacio — downloads: 115,355
C99 extensions for the math library