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luarocks-build-cpp by luarocks — downloads: 334
C++ support for built-in build system
LuaRocks by hisham — downloads: 6,050
The package manager for Lua
slingshot by gvvaughan — downloads: 88
Slingshot releases rocks!
moonrocks by leafo — downloads: 5,035
A tool for installing and uploading Lua packages to
webrocks by luarocks — downloads: 116
Web-based local interface for LuaRocks
moonbox by kernelp4nic — downloads: 91
Lua rocks version dependency management and env isolation.
loverocks by alloyed — downloads: 865
A luarocks <-> love wrapper
luarocks-fetch-gitrec by siffiejoe — downloads: 2,496
Support for Git submodules in LuaRocks