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lua-capnproto by calio — downloads: 1,757
Lua-capnproto is a pure lua implementation of capnproto based on luajit.
stringio by steved — downloads: 98
Reading and writing Lua strings as file objects
lua-MessagePack by fperrad — downloads: 88,473
a pure Lua implementation
DataDumper by luarocks — downloads: 1,135
Converts a Lua value into its expression as a string.
lpack by luarocks — downloads: 36,421
A library for packing and unpacking binary data
luaSolidState by luarocks — downloads: 298
Library for storing and loading data
Pluto by luarocks — downloads: 187
Heavy duty persistence for Lua
refser by luarocks — downloads: 141
Fast serialization of tables with references
lua-protobuf by Xavier Wang — downloads: 748
protobuf data support for Lua
lua-cmsgpack by antirez — downloads: 21,789
MessagePack C implementation and bindings for Lua 5.1
prtr-dump by doub — downloads: 281
A simple module to dump a Lua value to a string or a file.
protobuf by djungelorm — downloads: 3,417
protobuf library and compiler plugin
binser by bakpakin — downloads: 928
Customizable Lua Serializer
lua-cbor by Zash — downloads: 221
Pure Lua CBOR / RFC 7049 implementation
serpent by paulclinger — downloads: 245,111
Lua serializer and pretty printer
bencode by mw — downloads: 512
library for encoding and decoding bencoded data
LTCN by craigb — downloads: 13
Lua Table Constructor Notation