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slnunicode by luarocks — downloads: 536
A Unicode library
luaucdn by deepakjois — downloads: 157
Lua bindings for ucdn
unistring by daurnimator — downloads: 6
Bindings to libunistring, a C library for handling unicode
dromozoa-utf8 by moyu — downloads: 1,787
Lua 5.3 compatible pure-Lua UTF-8 implementation
luabidi by deepakjois — downloads: 89
Lua implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
org.conman.iconv by spc476 — downloads: 92
Lua wrapper for IConv
luautf8 by Xavier Wang — downloads: 13,201
A UTF-8 support module for Lua
lutf8 by Positive07 — downloads: 215
Lua 5.3 standard library for UTF-8 manipulation
utf8 by dannote — downloads: 1,098
A UTF-8 support module for Lua
html-entities by TiagoDanin — downloads: 532
Module for lua, decoding html entities :)