JWT for ngx_lua and LuaJIT.

$ luarocks install lua-resty-jwt

This library requires an nginx build
with OpenSSL, the ngx_lua module,
the LuaJIT 2.0, the lua-resty-hmac,
and the lua-resty-string,


0.2.0-01 year ago230,522 downloads
0.1.11-01 year ago22,347 downloads
0.1.10-01 year ago189 downloads
0.1.9-01 year ago2,216 downloads
0.1.8-01 year ago1 download
0.1.7-01 year ago1 download
0.1.6-01 year ago1 download
0.1.5-01 year ago306 downloads
0.1.4-01 year ago2 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

APIcast, apioak, Apache APISIX, auth0-nginx, claims-handler, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, gxid-bearer, kong-oidc-auth-akshay, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter, kong-plugin-jwt-crafter-for-ee, kong-plugin-universal-jwt, lua-resty-certificate-sso, lua-resty-openidc, mooncrafts, nginx-lua-oauth2, orange, stormpath-nginx, upcache, verify-token