Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate serving and Lua implementation of ACME procotol

$ luarocks install lua-resty-acme

Automatic Let's Encrypt certificate serving (RSA + ECC) and Lua implementation of the ACME protocol.
This library consits of two parts:

- `resty.acme.autossl`: automatic lifecycle management of Let's Encrypt certificates
- `resty.acme.client`: Lua implementation of ACME v2 protocol


0.5.5-14 days ago950 downloads
0.5.4-18 days ago(revision: 3)942 downloads
0.5.3-146 days ago6,007 downloads
0.5.1-170 days ago46 downloads
0.5.0-1145 days ago24 downloads
0.4.3-1183 days ago20,030 downloads
0.4.2-1198 days ago821 downloads
0.4.1-1204 days ago(revision: 2)344 downloads
0.4.0-1205 days ago7 downloads
0.3.0-1232 days ago39 downloads
0.2.0-1254 days ago6 downloads
0.1.3-0259 days ago3 downloads
0.1.2-0281 days ago5 downloads
0.1.1-0286 days ago2 downloads
0.1.0-0287 days ago(revision: 2)2 downloads


lua-resty-http >= 0.15-0

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