A simple library for looking up the MIME types of files.

$ luarocks install mimetypes

This is a simple library for guessing a file's MIME type. It includes a (hopefully) comprehensive database of MIME types, but it allows you to create your own should you have specific requirements. It can guess types both by extension and by the complete filename.


1.0.0-3284 days ago9,723 downloads
1.0.0-2288 days ago307,934 downloads
1.0.0-1288 days ago62,592 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

Aurora, cloud_storage, cloud_storage, kong-lapis, kong-plugin-google-cloud-functions, kong-plugin-google-logging, Kosmo, lapis, lua-mastodon, moonmint, octoflow, octopus, pegasus, pegasus, pegasus-mr, rest.nvim, rest.nvim, Satelito, video_streaming, yoke