Support library for Factorio mod unit testing.

$ luarocks install faketorio

One problem in modding is the extensive test cycles.
With every new feature or bug a new test is added. Testing becomes more and more time consuming.

This library provides helper methods to create automated tests for Factorio mods.
With this you can speed up development and reduce the amount of time you spend searching
for bugs you fixed long ago.


1.6.0-1172 days ago85 downloads
1.5.2-1286 days ago119 downloads
1.5.1-1286 days ago2 downloads
1.5.0-1292 days ago20 downloads
1.4.0-1292 days ago2 downloads
1.3.3-1317 days ago59 downloads
1.3.2-1317 days ago4 downloads
1.3.1-11 year ago18 downloads
1.3.0-11 year ago108 downloads
1.2.0-11 year ago10 downloads
1.1.0-11 year ago7 downloads
1.0.1-11 year ago9 downloads
1.0.0-11 year ago4 downloads
0.2.0-11 year ago39 downloads
0.1.3-11 year ago6 downloads


argparse >= 0.5.0
json-lua >= 0.1
lua >= 5.1
LuaFileSystem >= 1.7.0
LuaRocks >= 3.0.1