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physfs by Xavier Wang — downloads: 83
Wire by italonascimento — downloads: 19
Reactive wrapping for LÖVE framework.
love-release by Rucikir — downloads: 1,270
Make LÖVE games releases easier
love-ora by clofresh — downloads: 73
A library for loading OpenRaster files into LÖVE games.
hump by vrld — downloads: 72
Lightweight game development utilities
Faketorio by JasonMiles — downloads: 40
Support library for Factorio mod unit testing.
flirt by alloyed — downloads: 160
A wrapper for running love games
Lua-SDL2 by tangent128 — downloads: 3,890
Lua-SDL2 is a pure C binding of SDL 2.0 for Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT.
bump-3dpd by shru — downloads: 70
A 3D collision detection library for Lua
bump by kikito — downloads: 241
A collision detection library for Lua
terebi by shru — downloads: 93
Graphics scaling library for Love2D.
jumper by Yonaba — downloads: 396
Fast and easy-to-use pathfinding library for 2D grid-bases games