A simple HTTP multipart encoder/decoder for Lua

$ luarocks install multipart

A simple HTTP multipart encoder/decoder for Lua, that can be used to work with multipart/form-data payloads.


0.5.9-13 years ago330,200 downloads
0.5.8-13 years ago993 downloads
0.5.7-13 years ago50 downloads
0.5.6-13 years ago40,402 downloads
0.5.5-15 years ago150,240 downloads
0.5.4-15 years ago1,255 downloads
0.5.3-15 years ago70 downloads
0.5.2-25 years ago99 downloads
0.5.2-15 years ago30 downloads
0.5.1-15 years ago24,472 downloads
0.5-16 years ago15,045 downloads
0.4-16 years ago5,356 downloads
0.3-27 years ago9,249 downloads
0.2-18 years ago6,098 downloads
0.1-38 years ago183 downloads
0.1-28 years ago67 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

APIOAK, cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, kong, kong, Lua-Telegram-API, Restia