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  • dromozoa-http by moyu — downloads: 732
    Portable HTTP client
  • lluv-curl by moteus — downloads: 761
    Make asyncronus requests using libuv and libcurl
  • Escher by boogie — downloads: 3,737
    Lua implementation of the Escher HTTP request signing library
  • lluv-pegasus by moteus — downloads: 199
    Simple server based on pegasus.lua library
  • firebase by rok — downloads: 211
    A Firebase database REST module in Lua
  • httpclient by lusis — downloads: 11.2k
    Unified http client wrapper
  • Lua-cURL by moteus — downloads: 214k
    Lua binding to libcurl
  • mobile_detect by luarocks — downloads: 232
    Mobile HTTP browser detection library
  • http-digest by catwell — downloads: 1,595
    Client side HTTP Digest Authentication
  • lua-firebase by mopo3ilo — downloads: 54
    A Firebase modules in Lua
  • postgres-auth-server by jprjr — downloads: 79
    An authentication server for nginx's http_auth_request module
  • http by daurnimator — downloads: 149k
    HTTP library for Lua
  • httprequestparser by yogiverma1991 — downloads: 65
    http request parser written in lua for json, xml.
  • eja by ubaldo — downloads: 19
    A micro http server that can serve dynamic generated content.
  • multipart-post by catwell — downloads: 7,441
    HTTP Multipart Post helper that does just that
  • pegasus by evandrolg — downloads: 2,452
    Pegasus.lua is a http server to work with web applications written in Lua language.
  • basic-auth by jairojair — downloads: 317
    Basic Authentication written in Lua.
  • lua-http-parser by brimworks — downloads: 1,840
    A Lua binding to Ryan Dahl's http request/response parser.
  • router by kikito — downloads: 83.6k
    A barebones router for Lua. It matches urls and executes lua functions
  • multipart by kong — downloads: 218k
    A simple HTTP multipart encoder/decoder for Lua
  • lua-requests by jakeg — downloads: 32.6k
    HTTP requests made easy! Support for Basic Auth, Digest Auth. HTTP response parsing has never been easier!
  • lua-resty-cookie by calio — downloads: 1m
    Lua library for HTTP cookie manipulations for OpenResty/ngx_lua