Lua binding of the PCRE regular expression library.

Lrexlib is a regular expression library for Lua 5.1, which
provides bindings for POSIX and PCRE regular expression libraries.
This rock provides the PCRE bindings.


2.7.2-17 years ago538 downloads
2.7.1-17 years ago42 downloads
2.7.0-17 years ago25 downloads
2.4.0-17 years ago132 downloads
2.3.0-17 years ago79 downloads
2.2.2-27 years ago27 downloads
2.2.2-17 years ago139 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

BBCode, casbin, gonapps-url-router, haxe-deps, kong, kong-plugin-lua-resty-waf, kong-plugin-mithril, lrexrepl, mobile_detect, stdlib, stdlib