Lua bindings to GObject libraries

$ luarocks install lgi

Dynamic Lua binding to any library which is introspectable
using gobject-introspection. Allows using GObject-based libraries
directly from Lua.


0.9.2-16 years ago139,001 downloads
0.9.1-17 years ago22,733 downloads
0.9.0-18 years ago5,207 downloads
0.8.0-19 years ago4,727 downloads
0.7.2-19 years ago322 downloads
0.7.1-19 years ago2,236 downloads
0.7.0-19 years ago75 downloads
0.6.2-19 years ago127 downloads
0.6.1-19 years ago436 downloads
0.6-19 years ago87 downloads
0.5-19 years ago83 downloads
0.4-19 years ago161 downloads
0.3-19 years ago77 downloads
0.2-19 years ago324 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

AbsTK, autohydraz, Battery Status, dbus_proxy, gifine, lgi-async-extra, notifykit