Command-Line User Interface, like CPAN's Term::Clui

$ luarocks install commandlineui

This module is modelled on the CPAN's Term::Clui module.
It offers a high-level user interface to give the user of
command-line apps a consistent "look and feel". It contains:
ask(), ask_password(), choose(), confirm(), edit(), inform(), view() etc.
It supports mouse, uft8, history, filename-completion etc.


1.77-0297 days ago56 downloads
1.76-01 year ago28 downloads
1.75-01 year ago34 downloads
1.74-04 years ago103 downloads
1.73-04 years ago78 downloads
1.72-04 years ago68 downloads
1.71-14 years ago36 downloads
1.70-14 years ago42 downloads
1.69-14 years ago36 downloads


lgdbm >= 20130702
lua >=5.1, <5.4
luaposix >= 31
ReadKey >= 1.2
Readline >= 1.3
Terminfo >= 1.1