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ljlinenoise by fperrad — downloads: 1,038
Line editing in pure LuaJIT
lua_cliargs by amireh — downloads: 469,579
A command-line argument parser.
linenoise-windows by Choonster — downloads: 67
A binding for the linenoise command line library
luaposix by gvvaughan — downloads: 77,925
Lua bindings for POSIX APIs
Readline by peterbillam — downloads: 1,256
Interface to the readline library
ReadKey by peterbillam — downloads: 446
simple terminal control, like CPAN's Term::ReadKey
CommandLineUI by peterbillam — downloads: 515
Command-Line User Interface, like CPAN's Term::Clui
cw by rrt — downloads: 309
Colorer for command-line programs
docopt by JakubTesarek — downloads: 79
Docopt.lua creates beautiful command-line interfaces
linenoise by hoelzro — downloads: 2,192
A binding for the linenoise command line library
lua-term by hoelzro — downloads: 524,644
Terminal functions for Lua
moonscript by leafo — downloads: 185,517
A programmer friendly language that compiles to Lua
termfx by Gunnar_z — downloads: 7,567
A library for fancy terminal output based on termbox.
ltermbox by luarocks — downloads: 144
A termbox library package
cl by luarocks — downloads: 424
A command-line evaluator library that supports shell-like command lines and s-expressions.
argparse by mpeterv — downloads: 21,320
A feature-rich command-line argument parser
lua-rote by starius — downloads: 866
Lua binding to ROTE, Terminal Emulation library
ansicolors by kikito — downloads: 102,659
Library for color Manipulation.
chroma by ldrumm — downloads: 121
Simple ANSI colors for Lua
alnbox by starius — downloads: 754
Alignment viewer based on the curses library
pato by aiq — downloads: 42
command-line tool to manipulate a PATH variable
danetool by Zash — downloads: 288
Tool for validating and generating TLSA records
optparse by gvvaughan — downloads: 7,937
Parse and process command-line options
lcurses by jjandresson — downloads: 1,475
Lua bindings for curses
plterm by philanc — downloads: 25
Pure Lua ANSI Terminal functions
LuaTerminal by aryajur — downloads: 108
To provide Lua Terminal GUI element using the IUP toolkit
LuaTerminalRemote by aryajur — downloads: 27
Companian module to LuaTerminal to provide remote terminal
l by daurnimator — downloads: 8
A lua REPL
alt-getopt by mpeterv — downloads: 36,366
Process application arguments the same way as getopt_long
LuaBibTex by echiesse — downloads: 49
Lua implementation of BibTeX.
LuaSrcDiet by jirutka — downloads: 612
Compresses Lua source code by removing unnecessary characters
sncl by lucastercas — downloads: 161
A tool that compiles sncl code to ncl