Interface to the readline library

$ luarocks install readline

This module is a Lua interface to various "readline" packages. If no
real package is found, it implements the basic functions with stubs.


2.9-033 days ago156 downloads
2.8-054 days ago204 downloads
2.7-0212 days ago1,017 downloads
2.6-0326 days ago406 downloads
2.5-02 years ago430 downloads
2.4-02 years ago8 downloads
2.3-02 years ago8 downloads
2.2-02 years ago122 downloads
2.1-02 years ago20 downloads
2.0-02 years ago9 downloads
1.9-02 years ago9 downloads
1.8-05 years ago698 downloads
1.7-05 years ago126 downloads
1.6-05 years ago37 downloads
1.5-06 years ago144 downloads
1.4-16 years ago93 downloads
1.3-16 years ago2,371 downloads
1.2-16 years ago49 downloads
1.1-16 years ago33 downloads
1.0-16 years ago35 downloads


lua >=5.1, <5.5
luaposix >= 30

Dependency for

CommandLineUI, interlu, metalua-compiler, ReadKey, ReadKey