Interface to the readline library

$ luarocks install readline

This module is a Lua interface to various "readline" packages. If no
real package is found, it implements the basic functions with stubs.


3.3-01 year ago4,554 downloads
3.2-01 year ago2,768 downloads
3.1-02 years ago1,706 downloads
3.0-03 years ago2,661 downloads
2.9-03 years ago518 downloads
2.8-03 years ago235 downloads
2.7-03 years ago1,048 downloads
2.6-04 years ago456 downloads
2.5-05 years ago459 downloads
2.4-05 years ago37 downloads
2.3-05 years ago37 downloads
2.2-05 years ago151 downloads
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1.8-08 years ago1,250 downloads
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1.4-110 years ago118 downloads
1.3-110 years ago2,661 downloads
1.2-110 years ago80 downloads
1.1-110 years ago64 downloads
1.0-110 years ago67 downloads


lua >=5.1, <5.5
luaposix >= 30

Dependency for

CommandLineUI, interlu, metalua-compiler, ReadKey, ReadKey