This page lists modules in the manifest that contain development versions. See the complete list of modules on the main root manifest page.

$ luarocks install --server= <name>
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AbsTK by PedroAlvesV — downloads: 333
The Abstract Toolkit – a widget toolkit for GUI and text-mode applications.
adscaptcha by develCuy — downloads: 56
Port of minteye's AdsCaptcha library to Lua - HEAD
AesFileEncrypt by moteus — downloads: 649
A simple file encryption library
amalg by siffiejoe — downloads: 924
Amalgamation for Lua modules/scripts.
annoy by starius — downloads: 57
Approximate Nearest Neighbors Oh Yeah
APIcast by 3scale — downloads: 310
apicast-cli by 3scale — downloads: 280
A Lua tool to bootstrap [apicast]( project.
arc4random by mikejsavage — downloads: 706
A Lua wrapper around OpenBSD's arc4random
argcheck by geoffleyland — downloads: 74
Checks function arguments against specifications parsed from comments
argmatcher by gilzoide — downloads: 85
Simple command line argument matcher for Lua
argparse by mpeterv — downloads: 22,834
A feature-rich command-line argument parser
async by bartbes — downloads: 848
A love library for asynchronous background computation
audiodataload by heini — downloads: 117
A library for loading audio based features in torch
base58 by leafo — downloads: 370
Base58 encoding and decoding for Lua
basics by HeinrichHartmann — downloads: 85
bcrypt by mikejsavage — downloads: 12,864
A Lua wrapper for bcrypt
bgcrypto-aes by moteus — downloads: 42
AES encryption library
bgcrypto-hmac by moteus — downloads: 25
Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
bgcrypto-lmd5 by moteus — downloads: 24
Wraps digest implementation from `lmd5` library.
bgcrypto-pbkdf2 by moteus — downloads: 32
Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2
bgcrypto-sha by moteus — downloads: 54
SHA1/SHA2 digest library
bhttp by wprayudo — downloads: 64
Bee module for HTTP client/server.
binser by bakpakin — downloads: 811
Customizable Lua Serializer
bit32 by siffiejoe — downloads: 47,547
Lua 5.2 bit manipulation library
Bitfield by luarocks — downloads: 32
Packed Bitfield Type Library for Lua
bitness by ignacio — downloads: 147
Determines the bitness of Lua
blitz-extensions by luisfbatels — downloads: 1
Simple and Small extensions for lua
box by lblasc — downloads: 465
Lua Box
bpf by vavrusa — downloads: 41
A LuaJIT to BPF compiler.
brain by darkstalker — downloads: 240
Chat bot engine based on Markov chains
brieflz by jirutka — downloads: 540
Lua binding for BriefLZ compression library
busted by olivine-labs — downloads: 562,249
Elegant Lua unit testing.
busted-ffi by 3scale — downloads: 289
Elegant Lua unit testing.
caffegraph by nhynes — downloads: 34
Load Caffe networks in Torch7
CGILua by tomasguisasola — downloads: 14,843
Tool for creating dynamic Web pages and manipulating data from Web forms
chain by ryanplusplus — downloads: 52
Library for easily building chained calls in Lua.
cifar by pratikac — downloads: 51
CIFAR dataset
cifar10 by pedropgusmao — downloads: 30
CIFAR-10 Dataset
compat52 by hisham — downloads: 1,790
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.2-style APIs for Lua 5.1
compat53 by siffiejoe — downloads: 11,487
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.2 and 5.1
Copas by Tieske — downloads: 30,559
Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services
Copas-Async by hisham — downloads: 175
Copas add-on to provide true asynchronus threads
corenlp by vzhong — downloads: 59
Stanford CoreNLP client in Lua.
Cosmo by mascarenhas — downloads: 3,486
Safe templates for Lua
Coxpcall by hisham — downloads: 165,571
Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall
cpml by shakesoda — downloads: 233
Cirno's Perfect Math Library
cqueues by daurnimator — downloads: 15,979
Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for Lua on Unix.
cqueues-pgsql by daurnimator — downloads: 720
A wrapper around luapgsql that uses cqueues
csv by geoffleyland — downloads: 1,702
CSV and other delimited file reading
ctc by ldrumm — downloads: 47
Constant time string comparisons for Lua
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