Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall

Encapsulates the protected calls with a coroutine based loop, so errors can
be dealed without the usual Lua 5.x pcall/xpcall issues with coroutines
yielding inside the call to pcall or xpcall.


cvs-2dev5 years ago17 downloads
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1.15.0-15 years ago18,088 downloads
1.14.0-25 years ago170 downloads
1.14.0-15 years ago41 downloads
1.13.0-15 years ago361 downloads
1.12.0-15 years ago71 downloads
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1.11.0-15 years ago65 downloads

Dependency for

Copas, Copas, CopasTimer, CopasTimer, nvim-client, nvim-client, Sputnik, sqltable, WSAPI, WSAPI, WSAPI-FCGI, WSAPI-FCGI, WSAPI-Xavante, WSAPI-Xavante