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Fluidsynth by peterbillam — downloads: 546
Interface to the fluidsynth library
pulseaudio_dbus by stefano-m — downloads: 279
Control PulseAudio devices using DBus
ecasound by peterbillam — downloads: 67
Provides access to the ecasound interactive mode
osc by gaspard — downloads: 248
OpenSoundControl for Lua with some wrappers around lens.Socket.
midialsa by peterbillam — downloads: 695
Provides access to the ALSA sequencer
MIDI by peterbillam — downloads: 1,064
Reading, writing and manipulating MIDI data
pulseaudio_widget by stefano-m — downloads: 255
A PulseAudio widget for the Awesome Window Manager
digitalfilter by peterbillam — downloads: 127
some Digital Filters - Butterworth, Chebyschev and Bessel.