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lua-mastodon by hisham — downloads: 40
A Lua client for the Mastodon social network
gntp by moteus — downloads: 205
Implementation of Growl Notify Transport Protocol (GNTP) for Lua.
Videur by tarek — downloads: 87
Web Application Firewall
connman_widget by stefano-m — downloads: 298
A Connman widget for the Awesome Window Manager
enet by leafo — downloads: 1,638
A library for doing network communication in Lua
luaunbound by Zash — downloads: 317
A binding to libunbound
lluv-curl by moteus — downloads: 596
Make asyncronus requests using libuv and libcurl
lzmq by moteus — downloads: 10,414
Lua bindings to ZeroMQ version 3 and 4
socks5 by starius — downloads: 445
Lua SOCKS5 client for the ngx_lua based on the cosocket API
lua_ip by kong — downloads: 233
IP utils
verse by MattJ — downloads: 167
Verse is an XMPP library for Lua
turbo by kernelsauce — downloads: 6,111
A networking suite for LuaJIT2 and Linux, optimized for performance.
lua-netudpif by akhaustov — downloads: 42
Multythreaded UDP interface
connman_dbus by stefano-m — downloads: 269
Get network information with Connman and DBus
LuaSocket by luarocks — downloads: 984,018
Network support for the Lua language
SmithSNMP by leo-ma — downloads: 60
A lightweight SNMP agent with private MIB in Lua
luadns by luarocks — downloads: 233
danetool by Zash — downloads: 300
Tool for validating and generating TLSA records
netcheck by Tieske — downloads: 109
A LuaSocket addon that checks changes in the network connection
laws by daurnimator — downloads: 2,058
AWS Library for Lua
libcidr-ffi by GUI — downloads: 5,808
libcidr bindings for Lua
nixio by luarocks — downloads: 864
System, Networking and I/O library for Lua
LuaSocket-Unix by luarocks — downloads: 4,349
Unix Domain Sockets for the Lua language
lluv by moteus — downloads: 2,934
Lua low-level binding to libuv
LuaCURL by luarocks — downloads: 8,509
Lua module binding CURL
http by daurnimator — downloads: 8,575
HTTP library for Lua
Lua-cURL by moteus — downloads: 93,543
Lua binding to libcurl
LuaSec by brunoos — downloads: 705,669
LuaSec is a binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication.
lsocket by Gunnar_z — downloads: 1,106
simple and easy socket support for lua.
cqueues by daurnimator — downloads: 19,462
Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for Lua on Unix.