Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua.

$ luarocks install lua-zlib

Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua.
Consists of two functions: inflate and deflate.
Both functions return "stream functions" (takes a buffer of input and returns a buffer of output).
This project is hosted on github.
Note that this module is also compatible with lzlib (which is no longer maintained).


1.2-21 year ago71,721 downloads
1.2-13 years ago(revision: 2)59,060 downloads
1.2-05 years ago79,459 downloads
1.1-06 years ago9,275 downloads
1.0-06 years ago1,355 downloads
0.5-06 years ago446 downloads
0.4-18 years ago11,687 downloads
0.3-18 years ago112 downloads
0.3-08 years ago37 downloads


lua >= 5.1, <= 5.4

Dependency for

cmft-base-kong, cmft-kong, Faketorio, hussar, lacord, luajls-lfs, luajls-luv, lua-xlsxwriter, prosody, prosody, resurfaceio-logger, sile, ticmap2tmx, tulip, lua-xlsxwriter