A binding for Lua to the SQLite3 database library

$ luarocks install lsqlite3

lsqlite3 is a thin wrapper around the public domain SQLite3 database engine.
The lsqlite3 module supports the creation and manipulation of SQLite3 databases.
After a require('lsqlite3') the exported functions are called with prefix sqlite3.
However, most sqlite3 functions are called via an object-oriented interface to
either database or SQL statement objects.


0.9.5-13 years ago244,041 downloads
0.9.4-25 years ago(revision: 2)20,254 downloads
0.9.4-15 years ago28 downloads
0.9.4-05 years ago20 downloads
0.9.3-07 years ago15,240 downloads
0.9.2-27 years ago34 downloads
0.9.1-27 years ago2,712 downloads
0.9-17 years ago63 downloads
0.8-17 years ago7,430 downloads
0.7-17 years ago68 downloads


lua >= 5.1, < 5.5

Dependency for

brain, grasp, lua-CoatPersistent-lsqlite3, lua-em, prailude, yoke