A Lua frontend to OpenSSL

LuaCrypto is a Lua frontend to the OpenSSL cryptographic library. The OpenSSL features that are currently exposed are:
digests (MD5, SHA-1, HMAC, and more), encryption, decryption and crypto-grade random number generators.


0.5.1-14 years ago0 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

3rd-party-oauth, adal-lua, centreon-stream-connectors-lib, cloud_storage, cloud_storage, erento-LUA-RFC-4122-UUID-Generator, Escher, jwt, jwt, kong, lapis, luajwt, luajwtjitsi, LuaLoL, Lua-ReQL, lua-resty-hmac, lua-resty-hmac, mooncrafts, multistreamer, OAuth, OAuth, oauth_light, orange, otp, ovh-api, phpass, postgres-auth-server, reql, resty-mongol, s3, s3-cjson2, tesla, wtf-fork-resty-mongol