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  • AesFileEncrypt by moteus — downloads: 890
    A simple file encryption library
  • lua-jwc by Zash — downloads: 624
    JSON Web Crypto
  • arc4random by mikejsavage — downloads: 1,107
    A Lua wrapper around OpenBSD's arc4random
  • chacha by catwell — downloads: 214
    ChaCha stream cipher.
  • nacl by kext — downloads: 164
  • lua-bcrypt by blablacio — downloads: 321
    LuaJIT FFI binding for OpenBSD bcrypt
  • argon2 by thibaultcha — downloads: 1,800
    Lua C binding for the Argon2 password hashing algorithm
  • lluv-ssl by moteus — downloads: 832
    Implement SSL/TLS sockets for lluv library.
  • Escher by boogie — downloads: 4,245
    Lua implementation of the Escher HTTP request signing library
  • sha2 by luarocks — downloads: 117k
    Lua binding for Aaron Gifford's SHA-2 implementation
  • otp by remjey — downloads: 1,946
    A simple implementation of OATH-HOTP and OATH-TOTP.
  • luajwt by x25 — downloads: 448k
    JSON Web Tokens for Lua
  • lua-mbedtls by neoxic — downloads: 115
    Mbed TLS module for Lua
  • lua-gimli by luiz — downloads: 2
    A Lua crypto library based on the Gimli permutation.
  • luarabbit by philanc — downloads: 1,814
    A Lua wrapper for the Rabbit stream cipher
  • symmetric by mikejsavage — downloads: 527
    A Lua module for symmetric cryptography
  • lua-monocypher by luiz — downloads: 12
    Lua wrapper for the Monocypher crypto library.
  • phpass by starius — downloads: 15k
    Portable PHP password hashing framework (Lua)
  • slncrypto by luarocks — downloads: 265
    A cryptography library
  • org.conman.tls by spc476 — downloads: 135
    A Lua module that implements TLS via the libtls API.
  • luaossl by daurnimator — downloads: 2.1m
    Most comprehensive OpenSSL module in the Lua universe.
  • bcrypt by mikejsavage — downloads: 217k
    A Lua wrapper for bcrypt
  • MD5 by tomasguisasola — downloads: 212k
    Basic cryptographic library
  • lua-resty-fernet by megalord — downloads: 12.4k
  • openssh-hash by nazrin — downloads: 23
    Simple FFI binding to OpenSSH hashes, MD5, SHA256, SHA224, SHA512, etc
  • lua-resty-hmac by jameskmarlowe — downloads: 87.5k
    HMAC library for Lua and OpenResty
  • murmurhash3 by x25 — downloads: 111k
    Murmurhash3 for Lua
  • lcrypt by leite — downloads: 1,118
    Lua bindings to libtomcrypt and libtommath
  • lua-resty-scrypt by bungle — downloads: 402
    LuaJIT FFI-based scrypt library for OpenResty.
  • lsha2 by develCuy — downloads: 638
    Implementation of secure hash functions SHA224/SHA256 in Lua 5.1/5.2 - HEAD.
  • lua-resty-murmurhash2 by bungle — downloads: 29.3k
    LuaJIT MurmurHash 2 Bindings to Nginx / OpenResty murmurhash2 implementation.
  • luazen by philanc — downloads: 11k
    Simple compression, encoding and cryptographic functions.
  • luatweetnacl by philanc — downloads: 44.5k
    A simple binding to the NaCl crypto library.
  • openssl by zhaozg — downloads: 42.7k
    Openssl binding for Lua
  • LuaSec by brunoos — downloads: 2.8m
    LuaSec is a binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication.
  • luasodium by jprjr — downloads: 6,288
    Lua bindings to libsodium, includes regular and FFI bindings
  • LuaCrypto by starius — downloads: 1m
    A Lua frontend to OpenSSL