Basic cryptographic library

$ luarocks install md5

MD5 offers basic cryptographic facilities for Lua 5.1: a hash (digest) function, a pair crypt/decrypt based on MD5 and CFB, and a pair crypt/decrypt based on DES with 56-bit keys.


1.3-13 years ago91,436 downloads
1.2-17 years ago119,681 downloads
1.1.2-27 years ago285 downloads
1.1.2-17 years ago96 downloads
1.1.1-17 years ago158 downloads
1.0.2-27 years ago55 downloads
dev-1dev4 years ago498 downloads


lua >= 5.0

Dependency for

cwnu-drcom, dogma-core, http-digest, http-digest, lua-aplicado, luacasc, lua-mikrotik, lua-payssion, lua-requests, lua-requests-ng, lua-requests, lua-requests, multistreamer, npssdk, seawolf, Sputnik, torch-ros, wowcig