• MobDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 34.1k
    MobDebug is a remote debugger for the Lua programming language
  • debugkit by daelvn — downloads: 207
    A wrapper around inspect.lua and ansicolors.lua to make debugging easier.
  • debugger by 3scale — downloads: 49.8k
    A simple, highly embedabble CLI debugger for Lua 5.x, and LuaJIT 2.0.
  • RemDebug by luarocks — downloads: 1,525
    Remote Debugger for the Lua programming language
  • debugkit-extra by daelvn — downloads: 47
    Optional dependencies for debugkit.
  • nvim-dap by mfussenegger — downloads: 3
    Debug Adapter Protocol client implementation for Neovim.
  • lua-value-browser by fjg — downloads: 68
    Interactively print and browse Lua values from the standalone interpreter.
  • lovebird by insideone — downloads: 91
    A browser-based debug console for LÖVE.
  • PegDebug by paulclinger — downloads: 2,699
    PegDebug is a trace debugger for LPeg rules and captures.
  • ldt by solomonxie — downloads: 3
    This is a text-based user interface command line debugging utility for Lua and Moonscript.
  • dumper by edubart — downloads: 2,435
    A value dumping library for quick debugging
  • lua-resty-vardump by lindowx — downloads: 91
    A debug tool for the Openresty/ngx_lua
  • std._debug by gvvaughan — downloads: 130k
    Debug Hints Library
  • LRDB by satoren — downloads: 841
    Remote Debugger for Lua
  • debug.lua by Gunnar_z — downloads: 814
    A terminal based standalone frontend for mobdebug.
  • kong-tx-debugger by Optum_Ross — downloads: 645
    Log API Request and Response Data to Kong STDOUT
  • inspect by kikito — downloads: 1.8m
    Lua table visualizer, ideal for debugging
  • lua-resty-busted2 by fesily — downloads: 82
    better openresty busted test unit framework
  • lutrace by hisham — downloads: 306
    A tiny module for tracing functions executed by a Lua script.
  • ltypekit-parser by daelvn — downloads: 80
    Source code for ltypekit7's signature parser, unembedded.
  • mtint by osch — downloads: 110
    Make threads and coroutines interruptible in arbitrary multi-threading scenarios
  • StackTracePlus by ignacio — downloads: 1,809
    StackTracePlus provides enhanced stack traces for Lua
  • vscode-mobdebug by moteus — downloads: 67
    MobDebug Debug Adapter for Visual Studio Code
  • loopdebugging by maia — downloads: 316
    LOOP classes of debugging utilities.
  • ccrunx by daelvn — downloads: 106
    Wrapper around CCEmuX to create environments and run projects
  • kong-plugin-debug by json — downloads: 148
    Kong custom plugin for show api message
  • lfsampler by sewbacca — downloads: 36
  • luaprompt by dpapavas — downloads: 20k
    A Lua command prompt with pretty-printing and auto-completion
  • icecream-lua by wlingze — downloads: 60
    Never use print() to debug again. (lua)
  • luadbg by pratikac — downloads: 161
    Lua Debugger


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