Database Facilities for LuaSQL

$ luarocks install dado

Dado is a package that offers some facilities implemented over LuaSQL connection objects. Its main goals are: better error messages, iterators to access the result set and more homogeneity in some commonly used database operations.


1.8.3-12 years ago(revision: 2)1,791 downloads
1.8.2-12 years ago18 downloads
1.8.0-12 years ago366 downloads
1.7.1-14 years ago289 downloads
1.7.0-14 years ago31 downloads
1.6.0-14 years ago(revision: 2)1,130 downloads
1.5.2-14 years ago665 downloads
1.5.0-14 years ago37 downloads
1.4.3-14 years ago49 downloads
1.4.2-24 years ago41 downloads
1.4.0-14 years ago68 downloads
1.3.1-14 years ago136 downloads
1.3.0-14 years ago51 downloads
1.2.0-04 years ago64 downloads
1.1.0-34 years ago51 downloads
1.1.0-14 years ago12 downloads
1.0.1-14 years ago50 downloads
1.0-14 years ago69 downloads


lua >= 5.1

Dependency for

lua-CoatPersistent-lsqlite3, lua-CoatPersistent-LuaSQL