$ luarocks install --server=http://luarocks.org <name>
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bit32 by siffiejoe — downloads: 24,278
Lua 5.2 bit manipulation library
Bitfield by luarocks — downloads: 21
Packed Bitfield Type Library for Lua
bitlib by luarocks — downloads: 812
Tiny library for bitwise operations
bitness by ignacio — downloads: 111
Determines the bitness of Lua
bkopenssl by bakpakin — downloads: 290
Openssl binding for Lua
bk-tree by Profan — downloads: 70
BK-trees, commonly used for finding near matches to strings.
blowfish by leoagomes — downloads: 75
Blowfish bindings to lua.
bpf by vavrusa — downloads: 12
A LuaJIT to BPF compiler.
brain by darkstalker — downloads: 171
Chat bot engine based on Markov chains
bump by kikito — downloads: 93
A collision detection library for Lua
busted by olivine-labs — downloads: 358,797
Elegant Lua unit testing.
busted-stable by kikito — downloads: 271
Installs a stable version of busted
c3 by saucisson — downloads: 11,527
C3 linearization algoritm
cache-protocols by kapouer — downloads: 38
Scope and Tag cache protocols for application - proxy cache keys management.
caffegraph by nhynes — downloads: 22
Load Caffe networks in Torch7
cassandra by jbochi — downloads: 3,415
Pure Lua Cassandra - CQL client
Cassowary by simoncozens — downloads: 131
The cassowary constraint solver.
cctea by xpol — downloads: 33
xxtea encryption used in cocos2d-x project
cdb by istr — downloads: 80
A Lua binding to djb's CDB.
CGILua by tomasguisasola — downloads: 11,564
Tool for creating dynamic Web pages and manipulating data from Web forms
chacha by catwell — downloads: 61
ChaCha stream cipher.
chain by ryanplusplus — downloads: 24
Library for easily building chained calls in Lua.
chance by rangercyh — downloads: 21
A library for Mersenne Twister random number generator in lua
checks by luarocks — downloads: 753
Easy, terse, readable and fast function arguments type checking
chroma by ldrumm — downloads: 92
Simple ANSI colors for Lua
chronos by ldrumm — downloads: 273
High resolution monotonic timers
cifar by pratikac — downloads: 36
CIFAR dataset
cifar10 by pedropgusmao — downloads: 19
CIFAR-10 Dataset
cipher-log by devikamehra — downloads: 21
A Kong plugin to encrypt file logs
cirru-parser by jiyinyiyong — downloads: 52
Cirru Parser in Lua(MoonScript)
cl by luarocks — downloads: 263
A command-line evaluator library that supports shell-like command lines and s-expressions.
classy by siffiejoe — downloads: 1,208
A small library for class-based OO.
cloud_storage by leafo — downloads: 157
Access Google Cloud Storage from Lua
cluacov by mpeterv — downloads: 2,490
C extensions for LuaCov
cmark by jgm — downloads: 316
Lua wrapper for libcmark, CommonMark Markdown parsing and rendering library
cmath by gregfjohnson — downloads: 28
Pure-lua implementation of complex numbers
collections by ClockVapor — downloads: 32
Provides basic collection classes for Lua
Colorise by Perkovec — downloads: 33
Color converter (RGB, RGBA, HEX)
colormap by janner — downloads: 36
MATLAB-style colormaps for Torch.
Colors by luarocks — downloads: 129
HSL Color Theory Computation in Lua
colorswatches by mmb — downloads: 17
A simple library providing a collection of color names and their RGB values.
colyseus by endel — downloads: 264
LUA/CoronaSDK client for Colyseus MMO Game Server
CommandLineUI by peterbillam — downloads: 262
Command-Line User Interface, like CPAN's Term::Clui
compat52 by hisham — downloads: 1,681
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.2-style APIs for Lua 5.1
compat53 by siffiejoe — downloads: 7,279
Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.2 and 5.1
ConcurrentLua by luarocks — downloads: 295
Concurrency Oriented Programming in Lua
config by luarocks — downloads: 228
Easy configuration file loading
connman_dbus by stefano-m — downloads: 4
Get network information with Connman and DBus
connman_widget by stefano-m — downloads: 9
A Connman widget for the Awesome Window Manager
consul by epicfile — downloads: 49
Module for working with consul HTTP API
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