Elegant Lua unit testing.

$ luarocks install busted

An elegant, extensible, testing framework. Ships with a large amount of useful asserts, plus the ability to write your own. Output in pretty or plain terminal format, JSON, or TAP for CI integration. Great for TDD and unit, integration, and functional tests.


scm-1dev36 days ago(revision: 3)227 downloads
scm-0dev42 days ago564 downloads
2.1.1-135 days ago30,284 downloads
2.1.0-136 days ago40 downloads
2.0.0-142 days ago1,510,095 downloads
2.0.0-042 days ago958 downloads
2.0.rc13-042 days ago200,001 downloads
2.0.rc12-142 days ago581,938 downloads
2.0.rc11-042 days ago64,476 downloads
2.0.rc10-142 days ago3,239 downloads
2.0.rc10-042 days ago9,720 downloads
2.0.rc9-042 days ago687 downloads
2.0.rc8-042 days ago1,591 downloads
2.0.rc7-042 days ago1,362 downloads
2.0.rc6-042 days ago289 downloads
2.0.rc5-042 days ago605 downloads
2.0.rc4-042 days ago1,278 downloads
2.0.rc3-042 days ago6,495 downloads
2.0.rc2-042 days ago163 downloads
2.0.rc1-042 days ago231 downloads
2.0.rc0-042 days ago69 downloads
1.11.1-242 days ago1,557 downloads
1.11.1-142 days ago897 downloads
1.11.0-142 days ago60,991 downloads
1.10.0-142 days ago5,224 downloads
1.10.0-042 days ago1,528 downloads
1.9.1-042 days ago91 downloads
1.9.0-142 days ago138,961 downloads
1.9.0-042 days ago23 downloads
1.8-142 days ago92 downloads
1.8-042 days ago14 downloads
1.7-142 days ago77 downloads
1.6-142 days ago75 downloads
1.5-142 days ago121 downloads
1.4-142 days ago192 downloads
1.3-142 days ago101 downloads
1.1-142 days ago72 downloads
1.0-142 days ago82 downloads


dkjson >= 2.1.0
lua >= 5.1
LuaFileSystem >= 1.5.0
luassert >= 1.9.0-1
luasystem >= 0.2.0
lua-term >= 0.1
mediator_lua >= 1.1.1
penlight >= 1.3.2
say >= 1.4-1

Dependency for

busted-stable, Caribay, dd-lua-tester, ddt, gin, ios-icons, ios-icons, jwt, jwt-jitsi, lluv-busted, Loowy, lua-resty-busted, lua-resty-busted2, Luark, lusty, lusty-config, lusty-error-status, lusty-form, lusty-html, lusty-json, lusty-log, lusty-log-console, lusty-mustache, lusty-request-file, lusty-request-pattern, lusty-rewrite-param, lusty-statsd, lusty-store, lusty-store-mongo, lusty-store-mysql, lusty-template, mineunit, mooncrafts, petrisport, promise, riemoon, teliksandi, validate-args, vusted