Elegant Lua unit testing.

$ luarocks install busted

An elegant, extensible, testing framework. Ships with a large amount of useful asserts, plus the ability to write your own. Output in pretty or plain terminal format, JSON, or TAP for CI integration. Great for TDD and unit, integration, and functional tests.


scm-1dev248 days ago(revision: 6)1,283 downloads
scm-0dev1 year ago564 downloads
2.2.0-1248 days ago463,037 downloads
2.1.2-31 year ago425,442 downloads
2.1.1-11 year ago594,856 downloads
2.1.0-11 year ago101 downloads
2.0.0-11 year ago1,915,919 downloads
2.0.0-01 year ago970 downloads
2.0.rc13-01 year ago210,619 downloads
2.0.rc12-11 year ago592,650 downloads
2.0.rc11-01 year ago64,678 downloads
2.0.rc10-11 year ago3,249 downloads
2.0.rc10-01 year ago9,849 downloads
2.0.rc9-01 year ago693 downloads
2.0.rc8-01 year ago1,597 downloads
2.0.rc7-01 year ago1,369 downloads
2.0.rc6-01 year ago295 downloads
2.0.rc5-01 year ago611 downloads
2.0.rc4-01 year ago1,285 downloads
2.0.rc3-01 year ago6,523 downloads
2.0.rc2-01 year ago193 downloads
2.0.rc1-01 year ago237 downloads
2.0.rc0-01 year ago76 downloads
1.11.1-21 year ago1,611 downloads
1.11.1-11 year ago941 downloads
1.11.0-11 year ago61,072 downloads
1.10.0-11 year ago5,272 downloads
1.10.0-01 year ago1,556 downloads
1.9.1-01 year ago118 downloads
1.9.0-11 year ago138,995 downloads
1.9.0-01 year ago29 downloads
1.8-11 year ago119 downloads
1.8-01 year ago19 downloads
1.7-11 year ago106 downloads
1.6-11 year ago102 downloads
1.5-11 year ago148 downloads
1.4-11 year ago219 downloads
1.3-11 year ago128 downloads
1.1-11 year ago99 downloads
1.0-11 year ago112 downloads


dkjson >= 2.1.0
lua >= 5.1
luassert >= 1.9.0-1
luasystem >= 0.2.0
lua-term >= 0.1
mediator_lua >= 1.1.1
penlight >= 1.3.2
say >= 1.4-1

Dependency for

arweave, behaviour_tree, busted-stable, busted-tl, Caribay, dd-lua-tester, ddt, gin, hneutil-lua, ios-icons, ios-icons, jwt, jwt, jwt-jitsi, lluv-busted, Loowy, lua-import, lua-resty-busted, lua-resty-busted2, Luark, lusty, lusty-config, lusty-error-status, lusty-form, lusty-html, lusty-json, lusty-log, lusty-log-console, lusty-mustache, lusty-request-file, lusty-request-pattern, lusty-rewrite-param, lusty-statsd, lusty-store, lusty-store-mongo, lusty-store-mysql, lusty-template, mineunit, mooncrafts, petrisport, promise, riemoon, teliksandi, validate-args, vusted